I had this jacket made last winter, and since autumn is around the corner it’s about time I shared with you my thoughts on it.

The jacket and the waistcoat were made for me free of charge. Macaroni Tomato team had not seen this review prior to publication and had no influence over its final shape.

I’ve quite liked Macaroni Tomato’s ready-to-wear clothes since they started selling their own designs, but I’ve always had some issues with them. Not that there’s something wrong with them per se – I’m just very particular about the style of things I wear. So when they proposed they’d make me something in their made-to-measure service, I agreed – with the freedom a custom order allowed, I could perhaps change a thing or two and end up with a product that satisfied my ridiculously meticulous preferences.

I chose a jacket and a waistcoat in Abraham Moon tweed – a sturdy, rough fabric in classic gun club check. I decided against making a full suit – while I had an idea for trousers made of this fabric (a bit more loose and baggy, with deep pleats, to be worn with a warm brushed wool sweater rather than with a matching jacket), the MTM options couldn’t accommodate for my wild imagination. Which is probably for the best, because I likely wouldn’t wear them much anyway.

People handling my order were very knowledgeable about how things should fit, as well as about the intricacies of their MTM system, developed for Macaroni Tomato specifically, as far as I know. While Mateusz, who took my initial measurements at the start of the process, doesn’t work at MT anymore, the other guys did a great job at the fitting. A second fitting was proposed, but I opted to have the jacket shipped to me and contact them if I had any issues with the fit. This proved unnecessary, as both items fit very well.

And so the jacket is a bit longer than their usual for my size, with three-roll-two front, patch pockets, no shoulder padding and no lining either. Made on half-canvas construction, mostly by machine (though the buttonholes are hand-stitched, as they had to be added after the fitting). It’s finished well.

I was allowed to choose the buttoning point and the distance between the buttons – which I was very happy about, as I find MT’s default buttoning position touch too high. What I couldn’t change but would, is the fact that the lapels have a bit of a belly (it’s subtle, but it’s there). I would also put the gorge lower to correspond better with the position of the breast pocket.

The fit is good. The jacket leaves plenty of room, but has its shape and doesn’t look baggy. It’s perfect for wearing a sweater underneath, or indeed, a waistcoat. I love the coarse but warm fabric, and over time it stretches here and there, following your body, which adds to the comfort (and subtracts from formality even more).

I do have to complain about certain things however. The center seam on the back of the jacket ripped not long after I got it. This was easy to fix, and more of an inconvenience than anything else. But the regulating strap at the back of the jacket also ripped, at the point in which it was attached to the waistcoat, and I could either remove it completely, or repair it in a way that shows it had been tampered with. The lining fabric the strap is made of was just torn at the seams, and that’s never happened to me before. I find it rather disappointing for a product from this price range.

Overall I’m satisfied with the order and could recommend their service to someone looking a pretty good MTM. If you like their style or want some minor changes – it’s a good option. The staff knows what they’re doing, value for money is fair, and the final product wears really, really well.

The jacket and the waistcoat was made of a fabric available in last year’s Autumn/Winter preorder. Autumn/Winter 2019 preorder is available now, and I recommend you have a look at what Macaroni Tomato team prepared this time.

Macaroni Tomato

Starting price of a jacket: 2299PLN // waistcoat: 799PLN

Photos: Jakub Płoszaj // studio space courtesy Studio Vintage