Thank goodness the ultra-slim clothes aren’t a thing anymore.

Fuller cut on the trousers and shirts may evoke the dark times of the nineties, but let’s not be paranoid and go to the other extreme. It’s so much more comfortable, especially when it’s warm; gives the clothes an airy feel, especially when they’re made of lightweight fabrics.

Because what use is a lightweight shirt if it hugs you so tightly in a perfect vacuum fit that you yourself have trouble breathing? I know, I have had shirts like that, perfectly fitted, and I feel so much better in clothes that give me some room.

Of course the definition of some room will vary from person to person. And there’s always the balance between comfort and style to take into account; sometimes slim fit stuff looks more polished, more clean and smart. The rolls of the shirt fabric over the trousers’ waistband may not look appealing to some.

But I noticed I’m liking this look more and more. Not only does it feel comfortable, it also looks relaxed. And in the never-ending pursuit for the perfect casual tailored look, it’s a viable road to explore.

It’s different from the photoshoots in the glossy magazines, from the perfect looks of the most popular instagram influencers. Which is for the better, if you ask me – I’m sick and tired of this perfection. These are my clothes, I’m the one wearing them, I’m the one who’s supposed to feel good in them. And I do. Even if they’re not freshly pressed, or do all those things menswear bloggers tell you the clothes should do: hide your flaws, accentuate the good bits. That’s nice, but it’s a bonus.

It’s not always about those objective qualities. Sometimes it’s about this relaxed vibe, sometimes it’s about style over substance – and it’s OK.

Jacket – Zaremba MTM // shirt – // shoes – Yanko via, hand-painted by // trousers – Benevento

Photos by Mariusz Jeziorko /