Last October I made an order for a three-piece suit from Tarasenko Tailoring. Before I show you the final product, here’s how the fittings went.

The suit was made for me for a reduced price. Tarasenko Tailoring was not consulted before publishing this post.

I didn’t know much about Tarasenko Tailoring prior to this order. I’ve seen a lovely pair of trousers made by them, as well as whatever was available on their Instagram – which was, at the time, not all that much. So I was curious to see more when I was invited to their Warsaw trunk show in October last year. My mind was not exactly put at ease when I arrived. One jacket ready for the first fitting was looking nice, but the only finished garment was a very English looking three-button jacket.

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EN: I had a chance to talk to @tarasenko.tailoring during their trunk show in Warsaw, and order a suit today. What you can see here is a very British-style three button jacket. I’m not that big a fan of classic British style, but the attention to detal and the finish on Tarasenko’s garments is impressive. My suit’s going to draw inspiration more from softer, Italian tailoring, and we’ll see how that turns out. A Huddersfield flannel in warm shade of brown has been chosen and now I’m waiting for the first fitting. // PL: Miałem dziś przyjemność odwiedzić warszawski trunk show @tarasenko.tailoring i zamówić garnitur. To co widać na zdjęciu uszyte jest w typowym brytyjskim stylu, który nie jest moim ulubionym – ale przywiązanie do szczegółów i poziom wykończenia robi wrażenie. Mój garnitur, dość typowo, ma czerpać inspirację raczej z Włoch. Wybrałem flanelę z Huddersfield w ciepłym brązie i czekam na pierwszą przymiarkę – zobaczymy jak to wyjdzie. Nastawiony jestem raczej optymistycznie.

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Yes, the hand finish and details were impressive, but that’s not exactly my style – rather conservative and structured. So ordering something softer felt a bit like a shot in the dark. I’m in a comfortable position to be a blogger who reviews stuff, however, and we had an agreement that I would pay less than full price, so I could take this risk.

And so far it appears I won’t be regretting it.

For both fittings – as we had two, and receiving the final garment is scheduled for a day after the publication of this post – I travelled to Gdynia, which is where Tarasenko Tailoring is based. Because of this, perhaps, they’re not as well known as some other tailors in Poland; Gdynia kind of out of the way. If you happen to travel to Gdańsk or live there, however, they’re definitely worth checking out.

My order was a three-piece suit in Huddersfield flannel in nice, warm shade of brown. Rather typically of me, I requested little padding in the jacket, preferably none at all when it comes to shoulders, three-roll-two closure, a welted barchetta-shaped chest pocket. I went for flapped hip pockets this time, as I thought it might work better with another idea of mine I’ve wanted to try for some time: Hollywood-top trousers. So grown-on waistband, dropped belt loops and pleats.

First fitting

The suit was in a more advanced stage than I expected. Usually the first fitting is more for the tailor than the customer – pieces of cloth loosely basted together, with a lot of room to spare, because it is easy to take things in on the seams, and much harder to let out once all the pieces have been cut.

Not here – the fit was already close, the sleeves were on, and the suit looked pretty much like, well, a suit. It seems like a rather risky approach – but I was very happy with how things fit.

I’m not sure you remember, but we did take your measurements, quipped Mr. Sergiusz, the owner and head cutter and tailor, when I said how surprised I was.

Two things I perhaps liked the most: the fit of the trousers and the waistcoat. I tend to have problems with trousers. I like them pleated with some room round the hips and thighs, but getting narrow by the leg opening. And usually there’s just not enough room in the upper parts – so the crease tends to break at my hip joint, and the pleats open up a bit. It doesn’t look good, and bothers me (probably more than it should) – but here, the fit was near perfect from the get go, with only minor alterations needed.

The waistcoat is fully canvassed, with a special linen canvas, and has a great, three-dimentional shape on its own. Like a jacket should, but I rarely see this on waistcoats, which tend to conform to the shape of the body more than retain a shape of their own.

I do have one doubt about the jacket being this finished at this point: the position of the breast pocket. It’s high on the chest, and because it was already made, there was no chance to move it. I would’ve preferred it lower, which would allow for a slightly lower gorge. This would go well with a low buttoning point and the overall slightly retro look of Hollywood-top trousers and a jacket with flapped pockets with a ticket pocket added.

Second fitting

Despite those doubts though, the jacket looks very well-balanced and the proportions are great. During the second fitting only minor alterations were necessary, and the fit was really good. I especially love how smooth the sleeves are, following the natural curve of the arm and not creasing anywhere.

The jacket follows my natural, rather high waist, and is cut close to the body, with no drape. The construction is soft and the whole thing is very comfortable, leaving me with a good range of motion.

I’m really satisfied with the style, too. I had some fears, sure, but the suit looks just the way I like it. Classic, but not dated, not stiff at all.

I also had a chance to have a closer look at the inside of the jacket – and the details, pick-stitching, bar tacks, everything – looks just gorgeous. I will show you more when I review the finished suit, so for now you have to take my word for it, but believe me – it is impressive.


Mr. Tarasenko is a confident man, which comes across during the fittings. This confidence is well-earned though – he’s an experienced cutter and tailor, with great attention to detail, and it shows during every step from the initial measurement taking through the fittings. So far, it’s been a great experience, and all the surprises that happened were very positive.

I only have to wait one more day for the finished suit. And soon I’ll post a full review of it. But so far, so good.