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Benevento is a company making trousers. They have over 20 years of experience in this area, and they utilize it well: they make very good, both quality- and design-wise, product, mostly using British fabrics.

While ordering, you can ask for custom changes – both when it comes to measurements, and details. Side tabs, button fly, pleats. Two basic fit types (regular and slim), variety of sizes (both waist and inseam), and possibility of custom modifications makes it possible to get a very well-fitting pair of trousers for various body types.

It’s getting warmer, so it’s a good time to have a look at their lighter trousers. I like their trousers in Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 110-120s wool. They work nicely when it’s not summer yet, but you start feeling the weight of heavier cords or flannels on you.

Until the end of March, there’s 15% off everything in their shop, so that might be a good time to order some trousers!


Multirenowacja offers the highest quality cosmetics for taking care and renovating shoes, accessories and leather and textile upholstery. They sell, among others, products by Saphir and Tarrago, and the sheer quantity of stuff they have may make you dizzy.

Spring’s here, it’s time to shine. Your shoes, that is. I always use, and recommend, Saphir products, which Multirenowacja carries. This classic wax should do the trick, as it has for me for a long time. It’s enough to achieve this mirror shine everyone will be jealous of. However, Mirror Gloss makes the whole ordeal a little easier, so if you really enjoy the polished look, try it out.

And you can buy the shoes from the photos above over at

A long-time sponsor of the blog,, offers high quality accessories handmade in Poland from Italian and British fabrics. They usually make short, limited runs of their stuff, each time with an idea behind them.

There’s a new pocket square from their cities collection, and this time it’s Naples. Every menswear aficionado will tell you it’s Naples where you can get light, soft, breathable and stylish bespoke suits and jackets.

There are also new shirts – two wide bengal stripe with button-down collar in cotton/linen blend. Great for the warm days to come!


Sartolane offers high-quality leather accessories. Everything is made in a small Polish workshop in business since the 70s, which has experience with working with the best European and worldwide luxury brands. Sartolane uses the same materials as those luxury brands: Italian top-grain leathers, SOOCCI stainless steel hardware, or Raccagni zippers. Among their products you’ll find bags, wallets, sleeves, and belts.

Sartolane focuses a lot on their post-sale service. On their website, there’s a new page: “What to do with your used bag?”, where you can find not only the previously available service of bag renovation (free of charge within 5 years from purchase), but also reanimation (inspired by my bag that has been fundamentally revived), or completely new and rare thing – a buy-back program. This way you can sell your old bag back to the manufacturer and replace it with a new one!

One of the sponsors this month –, an internet MTM, about which you can read on this very blog here and here. This company based in Bangalore, India provides reasonably priced and high-quality product, with a lot of handwork involved, and virtually limitless customization options. The company is also known for their excellent customer service.

You can also order shorts. In any fabric, so tweed will also do, if that’s your thing. But there’s a great selection of light cottons and linens, which will work great in such a project. From sports shorts with elastic waistband, to stylish ones with a crease.