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Multirenowacja offers the highest quality cosmetics for taking care and renovating shoes, accessories and leather and textile upholstery. They sell, among others, products by Saphir and Tarrago, and the sheer quantity of stuff they have may make you dizzy.

I use Saphir and Saphir Medaille D’or wax myself to polish my shoes. And I admit they’re great: very efficient, one package lasts a long time, and they smell nice (seriously).

I must also finally try out Saphir’s new Mirror Gloss, designed to be used in the end phase of polishing to enhance the mirror shine effect.

Multirenowacja also carries luxury hangers from the Hanger Project. I find the jacket and suit hangers the most interesting: they’re designed to let the jacket hang naturally, and provide good shoulder support. Available in several sizes, to best fit the jackets hanging in your wardrobe. is perhaps the biggest Polish multibrand store with classic men’s footwear. A wide selection of models and brands in various prices should satisfy most enthusiasts of elegant shoes.

Apart from classic dress shoes, there’s also sneakers (or trainers, as you will). On the photo above – Carlos Santos 9092 in white. This model is beautifully simple and minimalistic. I was looking for a similar one some time ago. Also available in light brown and navy suede.

Even though it’s quite warm outside, it might not be a bad idea to think ahead a little. has a preorder for a really nice pair of Carlos Santos boots, and the preorder price is a little lower than regular.


Benevento is a company making trousers. They have over 20 years of experience in this area, and they utilize it well: they make very good, both quality- and design-wise, product, mostly using British fabrics.

While ordering, you can ask for custom changes – both when it comes to measurements, and details. Side tabs, button fly, pleats. Two basic fit types (regular and slim), variety of sizes (both waist and inseam), and possibility of custom modifications makes it possible to get a very well-fitting pair of trousers for various body types. Soon and online configuration form will make those custom orders even easier.

Benevento introduced some new things recently. Beige Super 120s wool from VitaleBarberis Canonico will be perfect for summer – slightly less formal than gray, and a little more interesting too. If that’s not bold enough for you, though, there’s this light gray checked wool. The pattern is visible, but subdued enough as to not be too loud.

For a year-round option, Benevento has herringbone wool trousers – right now in light gray, but other colours will soon follow. It’s a classic and timeless pattern and will work with almost all outfits with a jacket.

I encourage you to follow the brand’s website and social media, as new things should become available soon.

Last but not least, – a brand that selles beautiful and high-quality accessories. Their products are usually in limited supply, and are made in Poland by hand using mostly Italian and British fabrics.

They don’t limit themselves just to ties and pocket squares, however. This time among the new things are high quality boxer shorts. Classic cut, made of shirt cotton, and with mother-of-pearl buttons.

Other than that, there are new leather accessories, including small wallets and coin wallets. I use a totally minimalistic wallet which holds a few cards and banknotes, but I must admit a coin wallet would not be such a bad idea. I will not switch back to a large wallet, as it’s much less comfortable, but having coins free in your pockets is less than ideal.