A few months back, I made an online order from Italian MTM shirtmaker, Camiceria Olga. After wearing the shirt a bit, I can share some impressions.

In fact, I took part in a group online order organised by several users of But w Butonierce forum. With about 30 shirts ordered at once, Ciro, the owner of Camiceria Olga, offered us 10% off the final price of the purchase, plus free shipping. I thought this was a good way to test the service – especially considering the 20€ shipping fee. The price of the shirt depends on the fabric you choose. The cheapest ones start at 55€, mid-tier are 75€, and the highest tier are 110€ and more. This makes ordering more than one shirt at once more economically viable, but I prefer to start with just one.

The fabric I selected was 75€ white royal oxford. And I must say I’m not disappointed. The fabric is light and breathable, has a cool, smooth touch and looks marvellous. I didn’t notice much shrinkage in the laundry.

I also decided on mother-of-pearl buttons. Unfortunately, they don’t come as a default, but are 8€ extra; with this price of the shirt, however, it’s quite understandable.

The finish of the shirt is clean and neat; no loose threads, the buttons don’t come loose. The stitching around the buttonholes is very tidy. Side seams are reinforced at the bottom by gussets sewn on the inside of the shirt.

There is no split yoke, which is often said to be a mark of a quality shirt. Seeing as I can hardly notice a benefit of this, I don’t mind. What I find more important, is that sleeves have been set into the armholes after the side seams had been finished, for added mobility. This is shown by the displaced side seam and the sleeve seam under the armhole.

The collar and the cuffs are quite stiff – there’s quite heavy interlining by default, which I don’t exactly like, but it is a matter of taste. The effect is certainly much cleaner and elegant looking than with soft collar. The only real problem with that is the collar and cuff buttons are a bit difficult to button the first several times around. There are also no gauntlet buttons by default.

From what I know, it is possible to request changes that go beyond the standard options in the order menu on the website. It’s usually a good idea to e-mail the company first and ask about exact changes you want to make. Camiceria Olga is actually really good in terms of replying to e-mails quickly, which is always a nice thing.

I’m pretty happy with how the shirt fits. I like my shirts cut close to the body and this indeed is the case. What is quite important to note, is that the armholes are very small, and the sleeves narrow. More so than in any other shirt I own. It is the manufacturer default style, as those are not measurements you enter into the order form; the shirt is very comfortable nonetheless. If you know, however, that it will bother you, I would recommend you ask for a bit larger armhole and wider sleeve in the order comments.

The back is not as good, though. There are ugly creases near the armholes. For me, it’s not much of a problem – it doesn’t impact the comfort of wearing the shirt, and because of its collar it’s to be worn with a tie and a jacket. The back could be smoother though.

So I would consult Camiceria Olga before placing another order and ask them to recommend the changes I should make in the measurements entered in the order form – they do this kind of advice. This is quite important, because ordering custom is an iterative process, where every next order can be an improvement over the last with the right approach.

The collar is listed as wide spread on the website. With the 9cm wings it doesn’t look particularly well without a tie. With it, though, it’s great; it’s got a very nice shape, and the length of the wings is perfect, sliding under the lapels of the jacket.


Despite some problems with how the shirt looks from the back, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. The fabric and the finish are fantastic value for money, and the fit is rather good; the shirt is comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement much. If I decide to order again, I will ask for some changes, that’s for certain, but for a first order – let’s keep in mind it is an online MTM order, where the shirt is made just based on some numbers you send them – I believe it to be quite good.

Camiceria Olga Milano shirt from 75€ royal oxford fabric. Prices start from 55€ + shipping.