There’s no native advertising on All Tied Up, no promotional material pretending to be real content, no paid reviews. Once a month I publish a post thanking this blog’s sponsors for making it possible to keep every other post on this blog native advertisement free. is perhaps the biggest Polish multibrand store with classic men’s footwear. A wide selection of models and brands in various prices should satisfy most enthusiasts of elegant shoes.

It’s difficult to recommend something this time of year – it’s no longer winter, but not yet full-blown spring. Too late for most boots, too early for loafers, and too wet for most shoes on leather soles. In this climate at least. For me, one of the most versatile models are chukka boots on rubber sole – you can walk in them all year long. Klasyczne Buty have at least four models, in brown and navy. There are navy Gordon&Bros ones, on sale (unfortunately not many sizes left). Also: brown Berwick ones.

For people on less tight budget, Carlos Santos chukkas on a lovely slim last: navy, brown.

Additionally, the shop decided to prepare a 10% promo code for the readers of this blog, for all the shoes that are not on sale. You just input it at checkout. Here it is:



Benevento is a company making trousers. They have over 20 years of experience in this area, and they utilize it well: they make very good, both quality- and design-wise, product, mostly using British fabrics.

While ordering, you can ask for custom changes – both when it comes to measurements, and details. Side tabs, button fly, pleats. Two basic fit types (regular and slim), variety of sizes (both waist and inseam), and possibility of custom modifications makes it possible to get a very well-fitting pair of trousers for various body types.

The houndstooth flannel comes recommended; I have a pair and the fabric is soft and nice. The pattern itself is less pronounced than on the brightly lit packshots, so it’s easier to wear with most clothes I have, as they basically work as mid-gray trousers.

Additionally – moleskin. Very thick and warm cotton, also very soft. I wear it a lot, even though the colour of the pair I own – cream – is not the easiest one to wear in Polish weather conditions. selles beautiful and high-quality accessories. Their products are usually in limited supply, and are made in Poland by hand using mostly Italian and British fabrics. Their main products are ties and pocket squares, but in their shop other things are available as well: from bow ties and cufflinks to leather bags and hats.

Apart from their flagship products, pocket squares and ties, the company makes a whole lot of various interesting accessories. Among the new things they offer are cummerbunds (also sold with a self-tied bow-tie). For a single-breasted tuxedo you need to cover your waist with something, so that the white shirt does’t peed from under the jacket’s button. The right thing for the job is either black tuxedo waistcoat – or a cummerbund. I have one, also made by Poszetka, and you can see it on the photos in this post.