Turns out this pair of white trainers (or sneakers) I bought gets way more use than I initially thought.

Say whatever you want – sport shoes are more comfortable than those leather, Goodyear-welted masterpieces.

I believe it was Mikołaj from Blue Loafers who inspired me to look for a pair of simple white trainers. I ended up with a pair of Lacoste, bought at a sale price – and without this green logo. Visible branding doesn’t really make me happy.

Here I propose three outfits with those shoes.

With a suit


Suit & Shirt – Massimo Dutti // Pocket square – Poszetka.com

Not any suit will work though. This one is cotton-linen blend in small brown-beige houdstooth. Unlined, with soft shoulders – it’s really informal. Here I decided to forgo the tie to take the formality even further down. You could swap the linen shirt for a popover, which should work equally nice.

With a jacket


Jacket – Massimo Dutti // Shirt – Miler Menswear // Jeans – Levi’s 501CT

Same thing goes with the jacket. Unlined linen, soft shoulders, patch pockets – it’s as informal as a jacket can be. This makes it go nicely with jeans as well. It’s an outfit made for comfort – I’m growing to like this kind of clothing, informal and rugged, but of decent quality. They’re supposed to last you some time, so that you can get used to them, put them on, and instantly forget about them. The perfect weekend clothes.

With a polo


Polo – Massimo Dutti // Trousers – Benevento

This is entirely casual, but the classy kind of casual. The linen trousers feature high waist, deep pleats, no belt loops (they do have side adjusters), and cuffs. This is the kind of cut you rarely see on the street, but is stylish and insanely comfortable.

A long sleeve polo could be swapped for an OCBD or linen shirt, a popover, regular short sleeve polo, or even a nice t-shirt to make it all feel even more casual. I do like this option though, because long sleeve polo looks good on me – if you’re built like I am, that is rather on the skinny side, it’s an option worth considering.