Thinking about getting yourself a tuxedo? This may help.

While formal dress codes may be going away, it would be a shame if we let them disappear without a fight. Especially when they look as good as a tuxedo does.

On All Tied Up I try to avoid longish guides you can find on many other blogs. They’re there, they’re good, no need to repeat what they’ve already said. I do like to sum up a topic in a convenient form of an infographic though. Even if you don’t learn anything new from it, it is a handy resource to forward to someone who may not be as much of a menswear enthusiast as you are, but needs some basic info without going into too much detail.

This means that some nuance is necessarily left out. And there’s a lot of nuance to black tie – it’s a dress code with a rich history and tradition. This should be a good way to start though.

Also: a great thank you to extremely talented Mr. Jon Leigh, who created those amazing illustrations I used in this infographic. Be sure to follow him on instagram @jonnyleighart!