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I’ve had this idea for a pair of derbies for over a year I believe, and now they’re finally here.

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Lately I’ve been more likely to wear more casual stuff, so fewer ties and more denim.

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There’s no native advertising on All Tied Up, no promotional material pretending to be real content, no paid reviews. Once a month I publish a post thanking this blog’s sponsors for making it possible to keep every other post on this blog native advertisement free.

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A quick guide to classic black tie

Thinking about getting yourself a tuxedo? This may help.

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All Tied Up goes international

Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration – but with this English version, at least not completely untrue.

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Showered and blue-blazered

The most classic combo other than a suit is a navy jacket and gray trousers. In this summer version, I decided on a bit lighter colours.

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Graceful ageing

There’s some kind of irony in the fact we can buy things looking vintage from the moment we take them off the store’s shelf, but of quality which would never let them achieve this state naturally.

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Black wholecuts – Karol Stanios shoemaker

Not so long ago I was sure it’s impossible to get bespoke shoes in Kraków. What a nice surprise!

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After the rain

After a few days of a real heat wave, a cooler day came. Cool enough to wear a new pair of jeans I quickly got to like.

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