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The one suit which will work in business environment and casual Friday drinks, which is the true four-season thing: navy fresco.

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Na All Tied Up nie będzie reklamy natywnej, promocji przebranej za normalne teksty, opłaconych recenzji. Za to, że to możliwe, raz w miesiącu chcę podziękować sponsorom tego bloga.

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Summer heat is difficult to bear for me. It lends some charm to lightweight and creased clothes though, makes them look relaxed.

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How not to combine colours

Forget the goddamn colour wheel already.

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A casual outfit for an autumn weekend.

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Suitsupply FW 2016 campaign

Suitsupply is a well-known brand with a great and reasonably priced products. And very uneven advertising.

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Just one suit

You don’t wear suits. Sometimes you have to though, and you should own at least one for such situations.

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September sponsors

There’s no native advertising on All Tied Up, no promotional material pretending to be real content, no paid reviews. Once a month I publish a post thanking this blog’s sponsors for making it possible to keep every other post on this blog native advertisement free.

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With a waistcoat

As promised, some photos of the waistcoat I made – on me.

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