On All Tied Up there’s no sponsored content, barring one thank you post for the advertisers per month. There’s no photoshoots with freebies, no paid reviews, no native advertising.

The trust of my readers is paramount. This is why I separate ads and content as much as it is possible.

At the same time, the ads help to keep the blog running. They allow me to plan the budget – and therefore photoshoots or orders from local artisans. The aim is to provide the content of consistent and satisfying quality.

If you are an owner or a representative of a brand, and artisan or a provider of menswear-related services, have a look at what I can offer you.


If you offer a menswear-related product, e-mail me at szymon.jeziorko@gmail.com, and maybe I will review it on the blog.

I do not accept money for reviews. I do not submit reviews for acceptance before publishing. If I find flaws in the product, they will be described in the review.

To write an honest review which will show cons as well as pros of the product, I must use it for some time. Wash the shirt, shine the shoes – several times at least. This is why a substantial amount of time must pass from me receiving the product to the review being published. I believe, however, this is for the benefit of both the reader and the manufacturer.

After publishing the review, the product will be:

  • sent back (it may not be in resalable condition),
  • donated to charity,
  • or bought by me for the full retail price.

Bespoke orders reports

If you offer bespoke or MTM services, or personalized products, I may write a post describing the process of making such a product, as well as showing the final result.

Conditions of payment for materials and making of the product, in full or in part, are decided individually.

If this interests you, please send me an e-mail at szymon.jeziorko@gmail.com.

Advertising on the blog

The ads help keep All Tied Up running, and provide content on a consistent quality level. I do not accept every advertising proposition – I assess each one individually.

The advertising policy must remain clear and transparent for the advertisers, as well as the readers. My experience thus far shows this is very well received by the readers, and helps gain and maintain their trust, which I value the most.

Advertising on the blog works on a monthly fixed fee basis, and includes:

1. A banner on the blog


A banner in the sidebar, 350x200px, non-animated, is visible on the main page as well as next to every blogpost.

Each banner gets comparable exposure. Their number is limited at any given time. Some are positioned on the top of the sidebar, and enter the reader’s view first. The ones positioned on the bottom of the sidebar, while being noticed later, stay in view for longer, due to the sidebar fixed position during scrolling.

2.A banner in the newsletter


A small banner is placed in the footer of a weekly newsletter sent to the subscribed readers.

Newsletter is sent out every week, informing of a new blogpost. It works on the opt-in basis: only subscribed users receive it, which means they are already interested in its content.

3. Monthly thank you blogpost

Once a month I publish a special blogpost devoted to this month’s advertisers. It contains basic information about the advertiser, as well as news, sales or other activities, and features some products.

The contents of each advertiser’s segment in the thank you post can be established by e-mail each month; I can also be the one deciding which products to feature.

I can take photos to the post. They can either be studio photos of the product, or an outfit with the product. They will not be published in any other post on the blog.

Order in which advertisers are presented in the post is random.

To cease advertising on the blog, advertisers must give at least one month’s notice.

If you are interested in advertising on All Tied Up, send me an e-mail to szymon.jeziorko@gmail.com.