About the blog

You won’t find here guides on how to tie your tie, what is a pocket square and what are the appropriate hours for wearing brown shoes.

I want to write a blog for people interested in style. Who have their own opinions and their own aesthetic preferences. Looking for inspiration, not guidelines.

I’m more interested in craft than mass-production. In things made by hand by artisans. So I’m hoping to write about tailors, shoemakers, hatmakers – as well as all the other interesting initiatives. I’m not, however, discarding all shops and brands, as long as their product is to my satisfaction in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Ads help to keep this blog running. Thanks to that, barring one post per month with thank you to my sponsors, there is no sponsored content, photoshoots with freebies, paid reviews or any other kind of native advertising. Ads and content are kept as separate as it’s possible.

About me

My name’s Szymon Jeziorko. I live in Krak√≥w, I’ve graduated from med school, I don’t function without coffee.

Since I’ve started wearing ties, I write about it in a way someone might call compulsive. It started in December 2012, when I launched my first blog, Studencka Elegancja. All Tied Up is my second, more thought-out approach to the topic. I hope you’ll find this place interesting.

Comments policy

Comments on this blog are pre-moderated.

I accept criticism, opinions different than mine – more, I await them.

But I also expect certain level of civility in the discussions. I’m not talking about any internet version of savoir-vivre – the deepest contempt can be conveyed in the most rosy language, after all.

This means that I decide whether a comment stays or goes. I try to be fair, and in my experience, only a handful of cases over the years ever warranted an intervention. But if you feel I treated you unfairly, send me an e-mail.

One more thing: to all the people working as ad reps or SEO ninjas: trying to sneak advertising into the comments section will end in an instant ban.