A little while ago I showed you the fittings for a brown flannel three-piece suit from Tarasenko Tailoring. Now’s the time for the final review.

The suit was made for me for a reduced price. Tarasenko Tailoring was not consulted before publishing this post.

I’ve been writing this blog for over three years, and before that I had been writing another blog for several more. It’s a review, yes, but there ought to be some kind of dramatic tension here, some level of uncertainty that will be resolved when you get closer to the end and only then do you learn my final verdict.

Screw that. I love this suit.

When I placed the order I knew very little of Tarasenko Tailoring, and I was very uncertain of whether Mr. Sergiusz will be able to create something that fits my tastes. What I mostly saw were very old-school British style garments, and that’s something very far from my preferences. But the suit I got is outstanding. The styling, the fit and the finish are all top-notch.


The jacket is my typical three-roll-two, with a low button stance, rather long, with soft shoulders. What’s not very typical in my orders: the sleeves are attached with a subtle roll, the pockets are flapped, and there’s a ticket pocket (a new one for me). I feel that together it works quite well, with the brown flannel from Huddersfield Winter Classics bunch has this classic, but not dated look.

And it’s not dated because of some slight details: the fronts of the jacket open nicely at the bottom, and are beautifully curved. The gorge is quite high and so is the curved chest pocket. So it all flows nicely, creates a balanced look.

The waist is quite high – which follows my natural waist, but is also a preferred way of Mr. Tarasenko, who believes it to be a more flattering look, making the legs look longer.

The waistcoat opens rather high – another not towards the classics. Other than that it’s simple. Single breasted, five buttons, no lapels, but four pockets, because why not.

I wanted to try hollywood-top trousers, with grown-on waistband and dropped belt loops (again a departure from my usual style, as I typically prefer beltless trousers). The rest of the styling is what you’d expect of me: two pleats, cuffs, and the trousers getting rather narrow at the bottom (18cm).

The entire thing is kind of an updated classic, a touched-up old school. It’s not easy to do it in a way that doesn’t feel jarring, but I believe it works here just as I wished it would.


This is, hands down, the best fitting garment I own.

The jacket seems cut close to my body, but there’s a lot of space there. I can fill the internal pockets of the jacket and it doesn’t show. If I pull the front button of the jacket away from me, I can get around… ten centimetres of space there (I just got up, tried the jacket on and measured it).

There are no creases, no bunching of fabric. The sleeves hang beautifully with no creasing either, which I like a lot.

The trousers are usually quite tough to get right on me. But here there’s enough space in the hip and thigh area, they get nice and narrow near my ankle, but they don’t break anywhere. The fit is spot on.

It is difficult to judge the fit based solely on photos, so you kind of have to take my word for it. But the entire thing is even more impressive given how the fittings went. During the first fitting the suit was already cut very close to its final shape, and there was room only for rather minor alterations. It’s risky. But Mr. Tarasenko appears an experienced cutter.

The suit leaves me with a lot of mobility and I don’t feel restrained in it.


The attention to detail is impressive. The hand-stitched buttonholes look great, so does the milanese lapel buttonhole. The pick-stitching along the fronts of the jacket and the pocket flaps. The bar tacks reinforcing the edges of the inside pockets. Everything is precise and meticulous.

Yeah, I let them convince me to get a fancy lining. Fancy linings are not usually my thing. So that’s the one thing I’m not totally sold on, because as far as I’m concerned, it could be plain. But that’s a minor thing to complain about, no?


Tarasenko Tailoring has got to be one of the best sartorial surprises I’ve experienced. A relatively unknown tailoring shop in Gdynia, with little online presence and brand recognizability, and yet – the product they make is fantastic.

The only thing that I could be worried about is – what happens if the client doesn’t have specified preferences? The shop doesn’t seem to have one house style that could represent the final outcome of most typical orders. However seeing as this suit strays from my typical orders in several aspects, and the outcome is nonetheless great, I think I would trust Mr. Tarasenko with style as much as I’d trust him with fit and finish.

The guys there know what they’re doing.


Starting price of a suit: 5000PLN (~1200EUR)

Photos: Jakub Płoszaj // studio space courtesy Studio Vintage