Gun club check tweed sounds rather… dated? But hell, I like it anyway.

The jacket you see here, along with a waistcoat I’ll show eventually, were made for me for free by Macaroni Tomato Warszawa; they’ll get a full review after I’ve used them some more. But I really couldn’t wait to get the jacket photographed and posted, because it wears so nice that for the last two weeks I’ve had it, I’ve had it on more than off. There are some details I’d change if that had been an option, but these are ultimately rather small things.

The fabric is great – Abraham Moon and Sons tweed in earthy colours. So yeah, it is rather old school – but made into a soft, unpadded jacket in a modern cut works well. I wouldn’t want it on a heavily structured garment, in British Country style; this however pairs great with jeans or flannels.

Speaking of jeans: this pair is my Luxire selvedge denim, and I like it a whole lot – with a small exception of pocketing being prone to holes. The raw Japanese selvedge denim doesn’t fade that easily, I’ve noticed – other indigo jeans I had were more faded after this amount of wear. Not that it worries me – I’m quite happy with them the way they are.

Just like I am with a washed denim shirt, likewise from Luxire. The one-piece collar is marvelous, I think it’s one of the better designed ones I’ve seen.

The brown wool knit by Poszetka nicely works with the texture of the jacket.

A few words about my TLB suede adelaides: they’re insanely comfortable. The creasing got visible really quickly though. The suede has longer hair than other suede shoes I own and is very prone to, well, anything really. You may spend a good fifteen minutes brushing it only to have it go all messy if you look at it funny. I decided to embrace it – makes the shoes look more beat-down and worn than they actually are, but that’s what makes them look nice with jeans and tweed. Not everyone must like it though.

And hey, I really like ribbed socks, turns out. Never been a fan of those colorful ones with patterns and elaborate artworks, but ribbing makes them a little more interesting, while still being subtle.

Jacket – Macaroni Tomato Warszawa MTM // shirt and jeans – // tie – // shoes – TLB via // socks –

Photos by Jakub Płoszaj