So, 2018 ended and 2019 started. It’s as good place as any to have a quick look back. And a longer one forward.

As you may or may not have noticed, the frequency of my posting on this blog has been… irregular. I’m not going to promise to fix this, because I like to keep my promises. It’s been tough, had its ups and downs, and seeing as I wrote something similar last year in my summary of 2017, I’m not gonna be all optimistic about the upcoming year. But I’m not going to bore you with this again.

I would like to think, however, that despite the decreased quantity, the quality of the blog’s content did not suffer that much. So to recap, a selection of the posts I liked the most from 2018.

A look back at 2018

Why I don’t think of myself as a gentleman

Such a cool rainy day photoshoot


On advertising on blogs and transparency


Several uses of a navy fresco suit


…like the jacket used here!


How cool a pair of hand-painted shoes can be


A review of Andells Wrocław bespoke suit


These gotta be my favourites, and there are others I like, but I did have to make a selection.

So, overall, I think blog-wise 2018 wasn’t all that bad, was it?

We reactivated the podcast

That’s something for Polish readers: along with Łukasz Masłowski (Outdersen) and Mikołaj Pawełczak (Blue Loafers) we got back to the podcast we’ve been recording together. Maybe this time we’ll manage to keep it alive with more regular episodes.

You can find it on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Spotify.

Plans for 2019

I’ve got some things I’ll be reviewing this year, once they’re done. And I can’t wait, really!

Just next weekend I’m visiting Warsaw for a few hours for a fitting of Macaroni Tomato MTM jacket in Abraham Moon tweed.

I’m also finished with the first fitting of a flannel three-piece suit from Tarasenko Tailoring, and hope to have the suit done sometime this or next month.

And here is a trial shoe being made by Karol Stanios, Kraków shoemaker, who offered to make another pair of shoes for me to show how much he developed his craft since my first review of his shoes.

So that’s something I’m looking forward to.

Also, I’ve been slowly but surely working on a new design for the blog. Shh, it’s a secret though. I’m gonna let you have a quick look, but don’t tell anyone.

Have a good 2019, everyone!