A review of a Polish budget online MTM shirtmaker.

The shirt was made for me for a reduced price. Henderson Shirts had no influence over this review.

There’s plenty of online MTM shirtmakers, and it may be difficult to choose the right one, especially considering the wide discrepancies in prices, and possibilities each of them give you when it comes to the shirt’s design.

Henderson Shirts is not really the top shelf of those – rather, it’s a budget service that can work as an entry point for online MTMs, especially if you’re wondering if having things made to your measurements online can even work. Or if you need several workhorse shirts and don’t want to spend a fortune on them.

All the shirts are priced at 259PLN, or roughy 60EUR. You can enter your body measurements, or the measurements of the shirt. Don’t expect bells and whistles – you won’t get hand-stitched buttonholes, shirrings and what-not at this price. There’s no split yoke or gussets, not that they actually say anything about the quality of the shirt, but are nice details. It’s a shirt, plain and simple.

The fabric selection is rather limited. You’ll get all your basic twills, oxfords, poplins; some stripes and checks and herringbones. I counted 64 different fabrics you can choose from, all in 100% cotton ranging from 100 to 130 grams. Henderson doesn’t advertise the maker of the fabric. I chose a pale blue royal oxford.

It’s light, a little fuzzy to touch, not the easiest to iron. Overall, it’s not the best quality fabric out there. However, I find it surprisingly comfortable to wear. Compared to some royal oxfords, it’s extremely soft, with almost no stiffness to it at all, breathes fantastically and I’m drawn to put this shirt on my back just for that – once I wear it, I completely forget I have it on.

Then you get to choose some details of the shirt – collar and cuff type, button placket, chest pocket, all the basic stuff. The choice is limited – for example, there are only four collar types to choose from. However, the company is open to the idea of making things custom if you ask them to. The collar you see on the photos was requested by me and is not their standard button-down. They proposed I send them the shirt with the collar I wanted to base this one on, but I wanted to see how would they do given just the photos and the measurements. And I must say they did quite a good job.

Henderson also offers a fit guarantee on their first shirt – if something’s wrong with the fit of the shirt, you can send it back to be altered for free within the first week of receiving it. It’s a good policy, and I applaud it.

Henderson also did very well with the measurements. The shirt is not tight, provides enough room and comfort of movement, while not being too loose, and the armholes are not too deep. Looks nice under the jacket.

The stitching is neat, there’s no hanging threads, and it’s tight around the buttonholes. No bells and whistles, and I said, but nothing to be ashamed of either.

I very much dislike the buttons though. The cheap, plastic look of the thick buttons bothers me; there’s also no other choice, even if you wanted to pay extra.

Overall, it’s a fair product for this price. I’m going to keep wearing it, simply because it’s so comfortable. I just need to find some nicer buttons to replace the original ones.

Henderson Shirts, hendersonshirts.com
Price (at the time of writing): 259PLN/ ~60EUR

Photos: Mariusz Jeziorko / Barwnie.com