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Macaroni Tomato MTM Jacket and Waistcoat

I had this jacket made last winter, and since autumn is around the corner it’s about time I shared with you my thoughts on it.

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July Sponsors

Na All Tied Up nie będzie reklamy natywnej, promocji przebranej za normalne teksty, opłaconych recenzji. Za to, że to możliwe, raz w miesiącu chcę podziękować sponsorom tego bloga.

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A sideways glance

Recently I’ve been looking with some interest into a completely different area of fashion – techwear. Don’t worry though, it’s still a more or less classic menswear blog.
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June Sponsors

There’s no native advertising on All Tied Up, no promotional material pretending to be real content, no paid reviews. Once a month I publish a post thanking this blog’s sponsors for making it possible to keep every other post on this blog native advertisement free.

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How much is too much?

If you buy quality clothes they’ll last you longer and you’ll just end up buying less. Yeah, right.
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The Comfort Zone

I never cared much about clothes as a status symbol. Look, I dress nice, but I still live in a rented 20sq metre flat and get to work every day by tram; I haven’t been on a vacation for a few years now. I’m not a man of success who signifies how well he does in life by wearing bespoke suits. Read more →