Autumn is my perhaps my favourite season. Not too warm or too cold, beautiful colours all around. And here’s a casual outfit for those four days of the year it tends to last.

So instead of a talored jacket – a field jacket; instead of flannel trousers – corduroys. It feels so nice and comfortable, really, so I enjoy wearing this outfit a lot.

And yes, I enjoy high-quality clothes and am not a fan of fast fashion brands. I still wear them from time to time though, because yeah, getting a nice piece for a really low price is a temptation hard to overcome. The beige jumper here comes from H&M, and I just like it’s chunky texture. It’s cotton, so it doesn’t get too warm; it will stretch over time, especially at the sleeves, and this sucks, but it’s been in my wardrobe for over a year and I’ve found uses for it.

Another H&M piece is the wool/poly blend navy field jacket. A well designed thing, with spacious pockets and no lining, it’s perfect as a top layer when it’s not all that cold. But I didn’t buy it new, instead I bought it from my friend and fellow blogger, Łukasz Masłowski, a.k.a. Outdersen. So that puts my conscience a little more at ease.

He also did one of the two things the jacket really needed – he added the waist adjuster. This allows for a bit of waist suppression and adds more shape to the otherwise rather baggy piece of clothing.

Another thing I have to do on my own is to replace the buttons. Brown horn buttons will look so much better than the navy plastic ones you can see here.

You can’t see the shirt very well, but it’s a cotton flannel made by in Tessitura Monti cloth. The slight donegal-like irregularities and the softness of it are great and make the shirt a real pleasure to wear.

The brown corduroy corduroy trousers fit this ensemble quite well, I think, and their refusal to keep a straight crease adds to the casual charm.

The brown suede brogues are a new thing from’s own brand. The fantastic shape of the last is surprising at this price point, but becomes less so once you realize Patine worked together with a renown Polish master shoemaker Tadeusz Januszkiewicz to achieve it.

They’re overall a little smaller than other shoes I have, despite also being size 8. Compared to Yanko, TLB or Carlos Santos they fit more snugly and that probably would be a bit of a problem for me – I’ve an issue with a small toe on my left foot that makes me periodically exclude some of my shoes from my regular rotation because it just hurts, the little bastard – but the soft suede makes them very comfortable from the start. With grain leather, which tends to be less stretchy, I’d probably would go half a size up.

Field jacket and jumper – H&M // shirt – // corduroys – Benevento // shoes – Patine