I don’t judge people based on what they wear. But it’s sometimes so difficult. Like when I see four guys on a cigarette break in front of an office building, and they’re all wearing navy suits, white shirts and no ties.

It’s become the go-to outfit for many businesses that still care about the dress code somewhat (hence the suit), but people think that tie looks too stiff and formal, so they ditch it. So they end up with something that has absolutely no character whatsoever.

So here I am, hesitantly proposing an alternative. An outfit that actually is less formal than a suit, that’s not in your face, but is ever so slightly less boring that the thing everyone else is wearing.

This is super simple – navy jacket, grey trousers. You don’t like ties, fine, don’t wear a tie. Instead choose a patterned shirt, even if the pattern is just some faint stripes. And go with good shoes. Always wear good shoes.

The jacket here is a Zaremba MTM in Fresco, while the trousers are a part of a bespoke suit made for my by Andell’s Atelier in Wrocław, cut from Scabal Tristar cloth. I’ll be reviewing the suit in full soon enough – but I must say the fabric is amazing. Lightweight, open weave, with natural stretch, but keeps its shape very well.

The Poszetka.com striped shirt ties everything together nicely.

As for the shoes – they’re a pair of chocolate suede adelaides from TLB Mallorca. Adelaides are a particular type of oxford shoes – look at the lacing, and the U-shaped seam around it. I love this detail.

The shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear, and I’ve been in a dire need of suede for quite some time.

And now, for some of you who are more adventurous, or whose work dress code is a tad looser – throw in a waistcoat. It’s classy, stylish, and cool. Yeah, I know, I know. Maybe it’s not cool. But I don’t care, because I like waistcoats.

Jacket: Zaremba MTM // trousers: bespoke by Andell’s Atelier // shirt: Poszetka.com // shoes: TLB Mallorca via Patine.pl // waistcoat: Benevento // bag: Sartolane