There’s nothing wrong with looking a little retro sometimes.

Excluding jeans, I almost don’t wear my trousers with a belt anymore. I opt for braces, or even more often – just side adjusters to keep my trousers where they should be. And since I mostly wear them high on my waist, they don’t really fall down. I like this look – it’s clean, with no added bulk at the waist. Simple lines, one less accessory to coordinate.

But I think that sooner or later I’m going to order myself a pair of Hollywood-top trousers.

No separate waistband, dropped belt loops showing the trousers’ fabric above the line of the belt. They look great with a belt that’s rather narrow. Add a pleat or two. Yeah, looks old-fashioned, but in a good way.

The part where waistband should be is typically still reinforced by a layer of canvas, but it may still end up being lighter and more comfortable, especially in the warmer weather. Make them in linen and add a bit wider leg (let’s not overdo it, though), and you may end up with a pair that wears great in summer.

Make them in flannel, and you can wear them with a roll-neck sweater and a bomber jacket – and you’ll look like Indiana Jones’s cousin.

This design has Sinatra’s cool, Astaire’s fun; it’s all the good things about retro. And it can be experimented with. It can work with braces:

Or with extended tab and side adjusters:

And it’s subtle enough to work even with more fancy fabrics:

For me, trousers like that would be a part of a brown linen suit. A jacket with lower gorge, extended – but still soft – shoulders. And how would you wear them?