Summer heat is difficult to bear for me. It lends some charm to lightweight and creased clothes though, makes them look relaxed.

The trousers are made of lightweight beige wool, and after a day’s wear they certainly don’t retain the pristine condition they have after a pressing. But it fits the overall tone of the outfit, and it certainly fits the aura of a hot summer day. Imagine a Sunday after a nice dinner in a good restaurant, when everything lazily moves on, and you’re not in a hurry.

So there’s a shirt with no tie, a jacket that’s unbuttoned most of the time (because seriously, it is hot).

I do like the vibe this all has. The colours that are simple but vibrant. The fabrics with visible open weave.

Trousers – Benevento // jacket – Massimo Dutti // shirt – Lambert // shoes – Partenope

Photos: Mariusz Jeziorko /