A slightly different photoshoots than usual.

Typically photoshoots on a blog like this one focus on clothes, the outfits. I don’t think there’s a single full body shot this time. Just portraits.

During my last visit to my family home, my dad, who’s a photographer, and I played with a simple scenography of picturesquely worn-down door and light. I believe the resulting photos have a lot of charm and atmosphere.

The outfit is simple, flannel jacket, dark grey roll-neck and jeans. The latter hadn’t show up on the blog before, and there are not many details seen here. But it’s Japanese selvedge denim by Luxire, made according to measurements I took of my Levi’s 501 CT. This model was not in sale for long – I managed to buy two pairs, and they were pretty much perfect, with high waist and a leg tapered below the knee to 17cm opening. Unfortunately next time I went shopping for jeans, they were nowhere to be found, and all others I tried on were nowhere near as comfortable, sitting much lower on my hips. So – knowing full well it’s probably an overkill – I ordered a pair of made-to-measure jeans.

I love wearing them and the fabric is great. No regrets.

Jacket – Zaremba MTM // jeans – MTM by Luxire // roll-neck – H&M // pocket square – Poszetka.com

Photos: Mariusz Jeziorko / Barwnie.com