Lately I’ve been more likely to wear more casual stuff, so fewer ties and more denim.

Especially that I really like this pair of jeans. It’s my first pair of MTM jeans, as well as the first made of selvedge raw denim. I love the colour, and the small irregularities in the weave. Plus, the edges look so much nicer than a simple overlock stitch.

And the jacket is the Massimo Dutti silk-linen one I bought last summer. It’s pretty nice in terms of proportions – of course wider lapels and lower buttoning point wouldn’t hurt. There are two things I really like about it though – it’s extremely light and I barely feel it on my back, and the texture of the fabric is lovely. Works great with the coarse denim.

There’s also a splash of colour that is the pocket square. It doesn’t match anything else in the outfit exactly, but the yellow just adds a little life to the otherwise subdued blue and grey combo.

Jacket – Massimo Dutti // jeans – MTM by Luxire // shirt – Osovski // loafers – Crownhill // pocket square –