An infographic about differences between bespoke and made to measure (MTM) suits.

On All Tied Up I try to avoid longish guides you can find on many other blogs. They’re there, they’re good, no need to repeat what they’ve already said. I do like to sum up a topic in a convenient form of an infographic though. Even if you don’t learn anything new from it, it is a handy resource to forward to someone who may not be as much of a menswear enthusiast as you are, but needs some basic info without going into too much detail.

This time, some basic differences between bespoke and MTM. There are, of course, exceptions from what I’ve written here: a tailor who only does one fitting, surprisingly inexpensive bespoke, or MTM with a very wide possibilities of stylistic changes, which additionally boasts a lot of handwork.

Other than that, good MTM can be better than shoddy bespoke – and it appears to me to be a little more predictable, maybe because you typically don’t go too far from a predefined pattern or style.

Anyway – I invite you to share this with friends. Illustration, as usual, by fantastic Jonny Leigh.