Rain is a step in the right direction from snow… I guess.

Still a flannel jacket, but underneath – a popover shirt in a hopeful, spring green colour. Of course the hope turned out to be premature, as the temperatures immediately dropped below freezing the day after the photoshoot – story of my life.

The flannel suit the jacket is a part of was definitely a great order. The jacket is soft and comfortable, and it just looks so damn nice – the grey fabric with Prince of Wales pattern is one of the most versatile choices after plain navy.

Popover was ordered online from Luxire, and I’ve tweaked the measurements a bit, so there’s more room in the chest and waist compared to the previous, grey one I reviewed on the blog. I like the details – the extreme cutaway collar looks great with this style of the shirt, and the extra-rounded cuffs with the button moved towards the forearm, or shirring at the attachment of the cuff are small and usually invisible things, that nonetheless bring me a little joy.

Brown chinos are from the newest Benevento order, and we still need to work on that tightness around the hips. I do like the fabric of their slap-up line. It’s a little stiff, but I don’t mind – quite the opposite in fact, as it holds shape better.

One other little thing – the pocket square from Poszetka, from their new beautiful line of pocket squares with Japanese artwork by Andō Hiroshige. When I visited their shop in Katowice, I immediately fell in love with those, and this one just looked so great in my pocket that I just didn’t want to part with it.

Jacket – Zaremba MTM // trousers – MTM by Benevento // shirt – MTM by Luxire // pocket square and umbrella – Poszetka.com // shoes – Carlos Santos