There’s no native advertising on All Tied Up, no promotional material pretending to be real content, no paid reviews. Once a month I publish a post thanking this blog’s sponsors for making it possible to keep every other post on this blog native advertisement free.

A long-time sponsor of the blog, – a brand that selles beautiful and high-quality accessories. Their products are usually in limited supply, and are made in Poland by hand using mostly Italian and British fabrics.

Whenever I think to myself Yeah, OK, I have enough pocket squares, they introduce something new and beautiful. Like this one, in its minimalist aesthetic – designed by a Polish artist, Anita Tomala. I don’t even have to wear it to enjoy it, it’s just so beautiful as an object.

Amd since it’s still pretty cold (here at least) – have a look at their printed wool challis ties.


Multirenowacja offers the highest quality cosmetics for taking care and renovating shoes, accessories and leather and textile upholstery. They sell, among others, products by Saphir and Tarrago, and the sheer quantity of stuff they have may make you dizzy.

And it’s important to remember about the basics when it comes to shoecare. Saphir BDC Creme Pommadier doesn’t cost much, and keeps the leather of yours shoes well nourished, as well as adds colour to it, due to the pigment it contains. And Saphir BDC Pate de Luxe will be perfect to use on the toe or the heel of the shoe, to add a layer of protection, as well as some nice shine.

And speaking of shine – there’s a new product designed just for that, Saphir BDC Amiral Gloss. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it might be worth a risk for all the fans of mirror gloss on their shoes. is an internet MTM, about which you can read on this very blog here and here. This company based in Bangalore, India provides reasonably priced and high-quality product, with a lot of handwork involved, and virtually limitless customization options. The company is also known for their excellent customer service.

They’ve recently revamped their website again, and the new one is clean and nice. Currently a detailed customization form is a work in progress, however you can still e-mail any wishes you might have regarding your order.

For the upcoming spring season, there’s a wide selection of polo shirts. I own a grey pique popover shirt, and it wears wonderfully, it’s very soft and comfortable. And there are many styles to choose from: from classic polos, to rugby shirt or a spectacular flower collar shirt.


Satrolane is a brand that offers high quality leather accessories made in a small Polish workshop which has experience in working for various luxury brands from Europe and all over the world. Sartolane uses the same source materials as those brands: Italian top grain leathers, top-shelf buckles and hardware, or Raccagni zippers.

Among the things Sartolane offers, you’ll find bags, wallets, portfolios and belts. The newest product so far is the Easy Access wallet, but there are more things planned for the months to come.

New products are first presented to the brand’s clients, then the newsletter subscribers, and finally – everyone else.

Sartolane has a simple sales policy – there aren’t any. If the product price gets lowered, it remains that way, and all the clients who bought their stuff for old price, they return the difference. I like that – don’t you?


Benevento is a company making trousers. They have over 20 years of experience in this area, and they utilize it well: they make very good, both quality- and design-wise, product, mostly using British fabrics.

While ordering, you can ask for custom changes – both when it comes to measurements, and details. Side tabs, button fly, pleats. Two basic fit types (regular and slim), variety of sizes (both waist and inseam), and possibility of custom modifications makes it possible to get a very well-fitting pair of trousers for various body types. A long awaited configuration tool is now being tested, and feedback from selected customers is collected, to make the tool fit the customers’ need as well as possible. I think that reflects the philosophy of this blog as well – it’s better to wait a bit more and get a great product or service, rather than get something subpar immediately.

Among many stylish fellows, corduroys are making a bit of a comeback. Benevento has a wide selection, and it’s good to have at least one pair for the colder half of the year, I think.

There is also another fantastic casual trouser fabric Benevento offers, and that is moleskin. It’s very soft and warm, and I enjoy my pair immensly.