2017 is over, and here’s a quick summary of this year on the blog.

2017 wasn’t the best year for me; to be honest, it’s been one of the most difficult in my recent memory. I won’t bore you with exhibitionistic details from my personal life – I doubt that’s why you come here. But I want to say that the blog has been one thing that’s been consistently a good thing in that time.

I’m glad to see it’s going in the direction I always wanted it to go. My style has been slowly evolving towards something I can be really satisfied with, and I’ve made some progress towards that goal. I’ve managed to stick to the advertising policy I’d created, and firms I work with respect that. And you guys are here to read all this.

So here are some highlights from the 2017.

Custom orders reviews

I had a chance to try some MTM and bespoke services, and I’m happy with the results. I tried my best to review them in-depth, saying what I liked and maybe not fully liked about them. I hope those reviews have been informative – as I’m not interested merely in showing you I’ve got cool new things, but providing some basis for deciding whether they’re good options for you, the readers. I’m glad this is what’s slowly becoming a more pronounced part of the blog. I don’t feel I’m an expert in this field, but I do want to expand my knowledge, so that I can provide you with some valuable insight – and I trust I’m on a right path.

You can read the reviews here:

My first Pitti

In January I visited Florence for the fist time, and participated in my first Pitti Uomo, possibly the biggest menswear trade show there is. It was interesting and fun, and I loved the city. I also enjoyed the company of my two blogging pals, Łukasz Masłowski (Outdersen) and Mikołaj Pawełczak (Blue Loafers). I don’t know if and when I’ll be going back to Florence, but I think that at some point I just might.

Airforce Blue

I love those photos. The rawness of the concrete, the cool colours, the minimalism of it. Great job by Jakub Płoszaj.

Suit alterations infographic

An infographic made in collaboration with Jonny Leigh, a London-based illustrator, and overall a great person (I recommend you follow his instagram!). It’s been reposted on many profiles all over Instagram, and I think it’s doing it’s job quite nicely – seeing as there isn’t much space and the information has to be really densely packed.

Editorial posts

I’ve written several things on this blog that weren’t reviews or photoshoots, and that I think are not that bad reads. I try to collect my thoughts on menswear-related subjects, and sometimes they even sound somewhat coherent. These are my favourites:

Guest post by Janek Oleksiak

A great read about the marketing behind Goodyear Welted shoes, by a guy passionate about footwear, and with extensive knowledge of the subject. It’s always good do dispel some myths.

In conclusion

The second year of this blog’s run has come to an end, and looking back, I’m thinking it wasn’t bad. The final judgement is, of course, yours to make – but I hope you agree, and that you’ll stick around to see what 2018 will bring. I, for one, am curious.