Clothes look good when they look lived-in. So throw away the goddamn shirt stays.

You’re a grown up, so you tuck in your shirt – especially when you wear it with a smart pair of trousers and a jacket. So you must’ve encountered this problem: you look neat and nice, but when you sit down and get up several times, get in and out of a car, run a few metres to the bus, or bend to pick up your bag, the shirt doesn’t stay perfectly tucked.

Apparently it’s an issue many a man is struggling with, because there are solutions. Shirt stays, for example: elastic bands you wear around your thighs, which attach to the bottom of your shirt, pulling it down, ensuring it stays tucked. Or this curiously designed underwear, which looks like something you’d be cursing in some particularly urgent situations.

I never understood the appeal. It’s something that might help you approach the ideal of the guy on GQ cover, wearing his perfectly pressed clothes with barely a wrinkle on them, but it’s a look that seems to lack utility or comfort. And I don’t really find it that stylish.

Why? Because it’s almost too perfect. It doesn’t have the quality I love about clothes so much: just the right amount of chaos. Not much of it. Subtle hits here and there. The soft, unfused collar of the OCBD shirt; the wrinkles on the linen or cotton trousers and jackets; and yes, even the shirt coming slightly untucked and rolling a little over the waistband of the trousers. These are clothes, not an armour; the fabric lives and moves and doesn’t always hang like on the staged studio photos. This gives an impression of comfort, looks very natural – and beats the boring perfection.

Extremely stylish Yasuto Kamoshita, who, I’m willing to bet, doesn’t wear shirt stays

Of course if your shirt comes untucked a lot and it bothers you, there are things you can do. Tailor it to make it fit your body better. Wear trousers with higher rise, which sit closer to your natural waist instead of your hips, and maybe swap the belt for braces.

And once you’ve done that – stop worrying so much. Just enjoy wearing your nice clothes. This always looks best.