Few new things this time. But that doesn’t bother me much, really.

When I visited Poznań recently for a fitting of my camelhair jacket (you might have seen some photos on my Instagram), I talked to Karol Rzeszutko of Krupa&Rzeszutko Bespoke Tailoring. And I told him I have two coats: the lighter one for when the weather is milder, and the heavy vintage military one when it’s cold, and that’s basically all I need. But how many photoshoots can I publish on the blog during autumn and winter with just two coats? Won’t it get boring?

I realize it’s rather silly way of looking at things, and certainly a first world problem. So I decided that yeah, I’ll probably get myself another coat eventually. And in the meantime, I’ll try to keep stuff interesting here in other ways.

With some really cool photos, for example.

You’ve seen almost all of the stuff I’m wearing here on the blog before. The military greatcoat is one of my favourites and every winter I just can’t wait to get it out of the closet and wear it. It’s heavy, it’s costume-y, but it’s just so badass and cool that I can’t help loving it. The Air Force blue colour makes it very easy to wear with other things, be it a jumper or a suit.

The suit is Zaremba MTM in Prince of Wales flannel, and I wear it a lot. Especially the jacket – I’m very satisfied with the lightweight construction, the cut and the fit. The trousers are a little bit more of an issue, because they don’t always hang perfectly, with the crease being a single unbroken line like I’d like it to be. They seem to break about halfway down my shin, and it bothers me probably more than it should.

What has not been shown on the blog before is the weekender bag. It’s from this month’s sponsor Sartolane, but I got it a few months ago and have been using it a lot since then. The leather is fantastic, and so is the finish. It replaced the bag I had been using before entirely. My only wish is that it had some external pockets – they’d be really useful to quickly access tickets, phone charger or something like that without the need to go through all that’s inside the bag. Also, the inside pocket is too small to hold my stethoscope, but I imagine this will not be an issue for most.

Coat – Vintage military surplus // suit – Zaremba MTM // OCBD shirt – Luxire.com // v-neck jumper – H&M // shoes – Yanko 545 // weekender bag – Sartolane

Photos: Jakub Płoszaj / Photon Photography