There’s no native advertising on All Tied Up, no promotional material pretending to be real content, no paid reviews. Once a month I publish a post thanking this blog’s sponsors for making it possible to keep every other post on this blog native advertisement free. is a seller of a Spanish footwear brand, Yanko. They feature elegant design, high quality leathers, beautiful lasts and touches like concealed channel of stitching or bevelled waist on the sole, found usually on high-class shoes.

Now’s a perfect moment to buy some new boots, and Patine has a lot to offer in this regard. Classic 653 brogue boots will work great in many outfits, depending on their colour – and the choice is quite large. Light and dark browns, black, fantastic Testa de moro leather with uneven dye distribution, or even dark blue.

There are also beautiful 701 split toe boots – they’ve got a lot of character, you must admit.

Split toes are also available as regular shoes. I’m not a big fan of derbys – not so long ago they used to be so prevalent on the Polish market that those uninteresting-looking shoes from shopping centres were basically all you could buy, so I got somewhat fed up with them. But there are some derbys that look nothing like their sad cousins, and split toe derby are one of them. Patine offers two models: 980 and 539.


Benevento is a company making trousers. They have over 20 years of experience in this area, and they utilize it well: they make very good, both quality- and design-wise, product, mostly using British fabrics.

While ordering, you can ask for custom changes – both when it comes to measurements, and details. Side tabs, button fly, pleats. Two basic fit types (regular and slim), variety of sizes (both waist and inseam), and possibility of custom modifications makes it possible to get a very well-fitting pair of trousers for various body types. Soon and online configuration form will make those custom orders even easier.

It’s getting cold, so why not think of a pair (or two, or five) of flannel trousers? It’s a perfect fabric for trousers for autumn and winter. Beneveto uses Vitale Barberis Canonico flannel in several classic colours: light and mid-gray, navy, light brown (my current favourite, as I already have light gray ones), and black and white houndstooth.

You can also fight cold with wearing more layers, so have a look at waistcoats. Benevento sells two models: in mid-gray VBC flannel, and in a beautiful brown check in Reda 120s wool. – a brand that selles beautiful and high-quality accessories. Their products are usually in limited supply, and are made in Poland by hand using mostly Italian and British fabrics.

There’s a limited collection of incredible pocket squares with classic Polish paintings. Printed on silk in Macclesfield and measuring 40x40cm, they look gorgeous. On a photo above: Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko.

Poszetka also introduced a collection of RTW shirts, where you can find a lot of classics with nice little twists. There’s beautiful button down, a white shirt with a coctail cuff or another one with a club collar, or there’s light blue Prince of Wales. Definitely worth taking a closer look. is perhaps the biggest Polish multibrand store with classic men’s footwear. A wide selection of models and brands in various prices should satisfy most enthusiasts of elegant shoes.

I really love those Carlos Santos brogue boots which appeared in the shop not so long ago. Made of wine-coloured pebble grain leater, they stand out – but in an elegant, discreet way.

If you want something not as extravagant though, there are black Gordon&Bros chukkas on a soft sole – they should really be comfortable.

It’s worth regularly checking the shop, as new models are being added all the time. Sometimes there are some more extravagant ones in limited number. Klasyczne Buty also have temporary promotions on selected models. And there should be a lot to choose from.