A quick review of Saphir’s Mirror Gloss wax, for all the fans of seeing their own reflection in their shoes.

I’ll start with a disclaimer: an online shop which sells Saphir products, Multirenowacja.pl, is an advertiser on this blog, and I bought this product from them. However, this post is not a result of any collaboration with them.

I like my shoes shiny. I’m not that much of a fan of the process of polishing them, but I do enjoy the effect. So when I saw the new product dedicated strictly for achieving the mirror shine – Saphir Mirror Gloss – I decided to give it a try.

Until now I’ve been using Saphir’s Pate de Luxe or Pate de Luxe M’dor, and I’ve been quite happy with the results. The improvement over this brought about by Mirror Gloss is subtle, but I think it’s there.

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. Mirror Gloss is not magic. It will not make your shoes super shiny on its own, and if you had trouble achieving the effect with regular wax, I’m not sure this product will help all that much. What it is, is essentially a mix of hard waxes, and comes in black and neutral. It’s supposed to be used at the very end of the shining process, so with, and not instead the regular wax. It’s because it’s not designed to condition the leather in any way, it’s just there to provide the final shiny shell.

So the way I used Mirror Gloss was to first put several layers of Pate de Luxe, like I normally would, and only later add several more of the new product. It’s still a time-consuming process. It seems to me, however, the mirror is somewhat smoother and shinier than with just the regular wax, and also it’s a little easier to achieve.

And by easier I mean – you don’t have to be that careful when it comes to water. To get the really nice gloss, it’s usually necessary to add a little bit of water with the little bit of wax while polishing. But if you add to little, the effect is not that good, and if you add too much – especially when applying early layers – it’s easy to mess things up, as the water can get into the leather and you have to wait for it to dry. I find that Mirror Gloss is a bit more forgiving in this respect – it generally seems to require a bit more water, and so it’s harder to overdo it.

I was also curious about the durability of the mirror. And here I must say I’m satisfied. Take a look at the photos below: the mirror shine has been done about two weeks before, and since then I’ve had those shoes on my feet several times, including a train trip to Warsaw and back during less than perfect weather. No additional polishing, I just removed the dust from the shoes with a bit of smooth nylon fabric.

The product is also very efficient, and one package should last for quite a while.

Is it worth it? I would say yes, if you’re as crazy about the mirror shine as I am. The effect is very nice, and when applied not directly onto the leather, but the layer of regular wax, it’s quite durable. It’s not a miracle thing which will make your shoes shiny in a matter of minutes, though. You still have to put some effort into this, and Mirror Gloss just makes it a little easier.