One of the last outfits for a warm day.

Summer is a good season for experimenting with less formal clothing. A full suit and a tie work perfectly during autumn or winter, but warm days of summer make you want to loosen things up a bit. Even if it’s just for comfort.

This time I decided to go with a breathable cotton jumper under the jacket. Cotton is not really a great fabric for a jumper if you want to keep warm, so I don’t wear it during the colder months, but it works quite nicely as a casual replacement for a shirt in summer.

The colour palette is somewhat monotone – beige everything with a navy jacket. I’m feeling quite nice wearing those colours though, more than I expected.

There’s a pocket square with the drawing of the city of Kraków in my breast pocket. It’s not really visible, except from that one photo when I took it out to show it off. But it’s really lovely and I like it a lot.

I became also very fond of the panama hat. It makes the outfit a little more interesting – and does a good job at hiding hair in dire need of a hairdresser.

The weather outside is rapidly changing and I expect a lot more rain soon. I’ve already had a chance to wear some of my flannels last week – and how I missed them! So this might be the last summer outfit I post here for a while.

Jacket – Massimo Dutti // crew-neck – H&M // shoes – Yanko // trousers – Benevento // hat & pocket square –

Photos: Jakub Płoszaj / Photon Photography