Linen trousers, linen jacket and a hat.

As it happens with plans, most of the clothing purchases I planned for this summer will be here by the end of the season, so they’ll likely end up unused for several months. It’s not like I don’t have anything to wear, though.

I believe that every piece of clothing I have on me on the photos here has already appeared on this blog. It’s not a bad thing. Why wouldn’t you want to have clothes that work in multiple outfits, and that you can wear a lot?

And this is the case with me. I try – not always successfully – to have new things replace stuff I already have, instead of adding to it. So I don’t really have a problem with composing an outfit pretty much any day of the week; I don’t lack clothes.

This is a bit of a problem when it comes to blogging though, because how many outfits with the same goddamn jacket will you want to look at?

And replacing the things I own with better ones takes time, so before I can shoot some photos in a cool new jacket, I’ll just wear the hell out of the one I have, even if it’s not really perfect.

The reason why posting photos of those outfits might make sense anyway is twofold. First, not everyone is going to order custom stuff at any point, and providing some inspiration in terms of dressing with RTW clothes still has some value.

And second, it documents the progress I’m making in terms of style. I think it’s getting more defined, and if you compare it with what I was wearing in the beginning of this blog, a little over a year and a half ago, the difference will be noticeable.

Jacket – Massimo Dutti // shirt – Zaremba RTW // shoes – Carlos Santos // trousers – Benevento // hat & pocket square –

Photos: Robert Purwin / Mr. Faceless