Linen is an informal fabric. But it’s possible to use it in outfits that are not all casual.

OK, it’s not super formal business-appropriate attire. But considering today’s standards – white shirt, tie, jacket, pocket square – it’s rather elegant.

I like the inverted colours of the typical jacket-trousers combo: light gray jacket with navy trousers. I think it works surprisingly nice, especially that I consider a light-coloured jacket a great option for summer.

This jacket is unconstructed and made of silk-linen blend. It’s fantastically cool to touch and wears light. It does crease somewhat – it’s visible mostly at the sleeves – though less than pure linen. Triple patch pockets take away from its formality even further, but I still think it would look good during a dinner meeting in a nice restaurant or some other not-that-casual setting.

I’m a fan of printed ties – especially the small geometric patterns. And so I love this printed linen. What makes it look a little more dressy is that the fabric is on the thicker side, and it’s self-tipped instead of untipped, so it’s not as lightweight and prone to creasing as you might imagine.

The royal oxford shirt is breathable and fits nicely with the textures of the other things I’m wearing.

Navy linen trousers with a single pleat and side adjusters have a rather high waist, which I is extremely comfortable. I find it difficult to switch back to trousers with lower rise – in addition to diminished comfort, I just think they don’t look as good. When the trousers sit around natural waist, it gives the silhouette very nice proportions: it elongates legs, shortens the torso, and therefore makes the chest look a little broader. Of course this is all very subtle and depends on your actual build; I enjoy this nevertheless.

Jacket – Massimo Dutti // shirt – Camiceria Olga Milano // loafers – Crownhill // trousers – Benevento // tie & pocket square –

Photos: Jakub Płoszaj / Photon Photography