There’s not just suits and ties out there.

On the weekends I tend to dress more casually. It’s surprising how much of a difference it makes to me, to signify the rest time with clothes.

This Saturday was rainy, and a little cold. And by cold I mean a little below 20 degrees Celsius, so not cold enough not to try out the new pair of linen trousers.

They’re the latest order from Benevento, and the newest iteration of the cut I keep refining. This time the changes were minor: I didn’t like how in my chinos the zipper in the fly was sometimes visible, so I went with button fly this time. And that’s it. Other than that, everything remained unchanged: high 29cm waist, wide, two button waistband, deep pleats and side adjusters. This stuff should soon be easy to order from Benevento when they include a customisation form on their website; I’ve been ordering via e-mail.

I like the colour of the fabric; it’s not too bright and therefore not too prone to getting dirty. And I love its wrinkled, somewhat disheveled look. Fits well with the rest of the outfit.

A thick oxford cotton shirt from Luxire works well in this temperature, and fits the casual texture of the trousers. The big collar with 10cm points rolls nicely without a tie, and I enjoy wearing it this way too.

When it gets a little warmer though, I have to leave the shirt in the wardrobe; the fabric is not made for hot summer.

Short navy cotton jacket was a budget buy, but I like it for its simplicity. It’s functional. There’s nothing fancy about it: no lining, straight cut, simple collar and two pockets; I prefer to use the snaps rather than the zipper to close it. Together with the umbrella, they’re here to help me when the rain comes.

Jacket – !Solid // shirt – Luxire // loafers – Partenope // trousers – Benevento // umbrella –

Photos: Zuzanna Szelest