I like my flannels. I also like to let them rest half a year.

I was getting impatient to get out my spring/summer clothes and wear them after a long winter break.

First of all – the chinos. Recently I haven’t been wearing chinos much; I preferred either denim or wool trousers. Only recently did I get myself this pair, made to my specs – you know, high waist, roomy through the thigh and knee, and tapered below, and so on – and started liking chinos again. What’s incredibly important is the fabric. The cotton here is 290g, which is on the heavier side compared to the most of the stuff in the stores. This makes them look better, and last longer without ironing. True, they’re not as pristine as wool trousers would be, but not as shapeless as lighter cotton tends to be.

The blue OCBD is actually made of royal oxford – a lighter, finer cousin of your regular oxford cloth. The collar points are nice 9cm, but they lack a bit of a roll, which makes them look slightly weird with a tie. Not as weird as shorter collar points do, but this is not ideal. The fabric is very nice though, and the collar looks quite nice sans tie, so I’m happy having the shirt in my collection; I’ve needed a light blue OCBD for some time now anyway.

I can’t help liking that jacket. The super-light wool-silk blend fabric, no lining or padding, those pretty mother-of-peral buttons… It doesn’t fit perfectly, and you can see that on some of the photos. I guess that’s just what you get if you try to wear a jacket that’s RTW, and a size and a half too large. It’s been altered, obviously, but there’s only so much alterations can achieve.

Well, at least with this size, the length and the button placement are quite nice.

Keeping with the nice textures, there’s the shantung tie. I love how it looks and feels, I love the muted navy and more saturated red.

And the suede tassel loafers. Loafers are the most comfortable spring/summer shoes for me. The shade of the suede is also spot-on, working well with the entire light palette of the outfit. I like them with jeans also.

Hope the weather will finally let me wear this stuff more often. I’m somewhat fed up with cold wind and rain already.

Jacket – Massimo Dutti // shirt – Osovski // trousers – Benevento // Tie & pocket square – Poszetka.com // shoes – Crownhill

Photos by Jakub Płoszaj