A suit can be informal, and it can be lightweight too – it’s actually a good outfit for a summer day in the city.

This is nothing particularly fancy. A suit made of cotton-linen mix fabric in a small brown-beige houndtooth pattern. Soft construction, crumply texture – as I said before, that’s what makes the suit informal and even besom pockets don’t change that.

This suit is one of the few things I own which looks decidedly better with a blue shirt than a white one. Usually the choice of the shirt comes down to whichever one I feel like wearing that day, but here blue adds a little life to the suit. Its colour is a little bland on its own and white doesn’t help the matters much.

The shirt is linen button-down, which also takes the formality of the outfit down. No tie – this collar is unfortunately too short to make a tie look good with it.

In terms of other accessories – there’s a white linen pocket square with a navy edge – and also my initials. I wouldn’t want them on a shirt, I think, but on a pocket square – why not; after all they’re there mostly for me. They won’t be seen by anyone.

I rarely wear belted trousers nowadays. This is my go-to belt for them – mostly for jeans, but also the pair from this suit.

And sunglasses – my trusted Moscots, the Miltzen model, one of the older designs of the brand. A classic.

A pair of light brown penny loafers works here much better than laced shoes would, I think.

Suit, shirt and belt – Massimo Dutti // pocket square – Poszetka.com // loafers – Partenope // sunglasses – Moscot

Photos by Jakub Płoszaj