I’ve been wondering whether a simple leather jacket will work with some tailored pieces I have. So I decided to give it a shot.

I like this jacket – no fireworks, simple cut and details. I thought that if any leather jacket can look fine with a shirt and tie, it will be this kind. Short, close-fitting, with just two pockets and a zipper on the front, and no other unnecessary additions.

There’s a Prince of Wales flannel trousers and waistcoat there as well. Soon it will be too warm out there for even this kind of lightweight flannel, so it’s likely the last outfit I managed to shoot before it ends up in the closet for the summer.

The shirt is royal oxford, and the tie – shantung grenadine. All this and the flannel have nice, soft textures.

The pair of dobule monks is in a smiliar shade of brown as the jacket, and it may very well be my favourite; it’s not as easy to wear with everything as darker shades, but it gains the most beautiful patina over time, so it’s difficult to resist its temptation. Even though I severely lack a pair of darker brown shoes.

I think the whole thing looks quite good overall. I’m certain not everyone will find it to their tastes, as this kind of mixing tailored and casual stuff has as many enthusiasts as it has opponents. The outfit felt nice to wear though, and I’m satisfied with how it turned out, despite some reservations I had.

Jacket – Massimo Dutti // shirt – Camiceria Olga // trousers & waistcoat – Zaremba MTM // Tie – Poszetka.com // shoes – Carlos Santos

Photos by Robert Purwin (Mr. Faceless)