It’s not spring just yet. But it’s close, so I have to wear the hell out of those flannels before it’s here.

It occurred to me that I show this coat a lot on this blog. It’s not that it’s a particularly fantastic coat – it’s too short, the make is not exactly up to the highest standards, and there are details that bother me about it. But for the days not cold enough to warrant the military greatcoat I have, this is my go-to outerwear. The colour works with almost everything I have in my wardrobe. So until I get myself a navy chesterfield, I will be wearing this coat whenever I go out in this, still a bit cold, weather.

Another thing I wear a lot: the Luxire OCBD. It quickly became my favourite shirt I wear almost as soon as it dries after the laundry; the thick fabric gained in terms of texture after washing it several times, especially at the unfused collar and cuffs.

So I usually pair it with other things that have visible texture, like the garza grossa grenadine tie.

The trousers are made of houndstooth flannel. I was surprised at how easy they are to pair with other things; the pattern is somewhat muted on the flannel’s soft surface, and that helps. The cut is what I’ve decided I like best in the recent months: high waist and wide waistband, pleats, roomy through the thigh and narrow at the bottom.

Cognac brogues at the bottom. Not much more to say about them – they’re cognac brogues. They’re great.

Jacket & coat – Massimo Dutti // shirt – // trousers – Benevento // Tie – // shoes – Yanko

Photos by Jakub Płoszaj