Not the favourite year for many, that’s for certain. As the old latin saying goes though, de mortuis nil nisi bene, so I won’t be going around complaining.

Instead, I’ll write a few nice words, because even I sometimes want to. I’ve started this blog in December 2015, so it’s a little over a year old now. It’s my second attempt at menswear blogging – a bit more thought-out, I would like to believe. But it looks like I’m not very good at making consistent publishing plans and instead I mostly play it by ear.

What has been consistent, and I’m very happy because of that, is my advertising policy. Turns out it works quite well, with a few long-term advertisers who understand the boundaries I’ve set and respect them. And you, the readers, often notice it too: I don’t do native advertising or commercial posts other than the one each month explicitly stating it’s an ad. I had my doubts and fears about whether it would work at all – but fortunately I’m not a full-time blogger, and I have other means of supporting myself, so I didn’t have much pressure on me. And that’s good, because you get content not influenced by my trying to be nice to a commercial partner, and I feel good about what I do.

This year I’ve also started to write this blog in English. So before I post something new this year, here’s a selection of stuff I think was particularly worthwhile here in 2016.

Bespoke black wholecuts


I’m really happy to see new bespoke makers in Poland. And even more so when they’re in my city. Karol Stanios is a shoemaker who is incredibly open-minded and willing to experiment. Currently his work is a really nice, affordable option for people looking for bespoke footwear. While the finishing may not yet be on the highest level, he is making rapid progress – and the most important thing, the fit and the comfort of wear is really good even now. I’ve been wearing these shoes for over half a year now, and they’re doing really well. I did swap the laces to flat ones, though.

The tuxedo photoshoot


Granted, it’s not the best fitting tuxedo out there. But it’s not that bad, either, and I really like the photos – so despite the flaws of the garment, this may be my favourite photoshoot this year. It’s got character and a nice atmosphere, and I love this city by night.

Why I don’t trust a word of what fast fashion companies say


It’s a tough subject, and packed between pretty photos and musings on which shoes look better with those trousers, it might seem somewhat jarring. But I do think it’s important to talk about that. To not forget that behind the clothes we wear are the people who make them.

The infographics


I’ve been doing the infographics once in a while for quite some time, but this year I teamed up with a fantastic illustrator, Jon Leigh. So the new formula is to make them small enough to fit on Instagram, but also containing useful info, especially for menswear beginners. You’re invited to share them on Facebook or Instagram, and it would be lovely if you tagged me (@szymonjeziorko) and the illustrator (@jonnyleighart).

And don’t forget it’s just clothes


This is a recent one, so I still stand by what I’ve written there – didn’t have the time to change my mind. But you know, I don’t think I will.

Clothes are great fun, and that’s enough – they really don’t have to be much more. Hope you find this fun in them this coming year!

What’s next?

I’ve got a few things planned for 2017. Some MTM projects are underway, and I’ll be publishing the results on the blog, with the description of the process as well. I’m happy to see more and more such things being available in Poland, and while they might sometimes be rough around the edges, there’s potential in them. I’ll let you know how this goes.

And quite soon, I’ll be going to Florence to Pitti Uomo. Finally. It does seem like I ought to go at least once to experience what this thing is all about firsthand. Expect words from me on the subject. If you’re not tired of reading me already. Hope not!

Have a great year, everyone.