So I went to Pitti Uomo, the biggest menswear trade show there is. It was my first time there, so I’ll need a week more to collect my thoughts and impressions. In the meantime, the most important stuff: what did I have on me.

We arrived to Florence on late Tuesday evening, and only took a walk around town. So our first day on Pitti, Wednesday, was actually the second day of the event – but it was the most crowded one. It was quite cold, but at least there was some sun. Thursday was considerably calmer, but the weather was cloudy and didn’t provide us with much sunlight. And we left Florence on Friday – a day I preferred to devote to exploring the city at least a little, so I didn’t visit Fortezza da Basso, where Pitti was held, at all. Only two Pitti outfits then.





Of course I took my vintage military greatcoat. So there it is, in all its glory. Other than that, I was wearing a bespoke brown herringbone jacket made by Mr. Andrzej Kucia in Kraków and cream moleskin trousers made by Benevento. The cut on them has been slightly updated as compared to my previous orders: the waistband is wide and has two buttons, and there are two pleats. Side adjusters are not there – Benevento said they can’t make them on a fabric this thick. And it is thick, and very soft. Prone to getting dirty as well, but I just couldn’t resist their charm.

Blue long buttn-down shirt is from Miler Menswear. The tie is from a limited collection of printed wool challis ties made by in collaboration with Mikołaj Pawełczak from the blog Blue Loafers, a friend with whom I spent a considerable amount of time during Pitti.

The shoes are light brown Carlos Santos double monks. Comfortable and looking good with those trousers.

Photos by Łukasz Masłowski (Outdersen)






The coat was the same as the previous day (oh the horror!), so I decided to take some photos without it. Underneath was a very simple combo of a flannel Suit Supply suit, white royal oxford shirt and a black silk knitted tie. I decided it would look nice with the black wholecut shoes (bespoke from Karol Stanios shoemaker).

Despite the belt loops on the trousers, I often wear them with braces. These here are nice tweed with black leather, from

Other than that I’m carrying a leather portfolio, which is convenient, because a rather large power bank for my ancient phone doesn’t look good in a jacket pocket.

Photos by Mikołaj and Justyna Pawełczak