is a popular internet MTM maker of shirts, trousers, and recently more and more tailored clothes. I’ve decided to order a shirt from them and share my impressions. has been very popular maker among the menswear enthusiasts. The company located in Bangalore, India produces items which are very affordable, and from what I’ve heard and read – of very high quality.

What stikes you first when you visit their website is that it’s rather… ugly. Compared to other online MTM shirt makers, with their sleek design, and large, high-resolution photos, this looks like it was designed in the late 90s or early 2000s, and kind of stuck around until now. That may make you question whether you’re in the right place. Don’t worry, you are.

It probably stems from the fact that Luxire has their priorities elsewhere. A selection of fabrics is incredibly large, with a very wide price range. There’s seemingly few options of collars and cuffs to choose from, but don’t be fooled: if you specify any custom style you want, the company will do their best to make you a garment according to your wishes. I must praise their customer service – more on that in a minute. And I’m happy to see the Responsible manufacturing page, featuring an overview of the work conditions in the Luxire’s manufacturing plant – and written by an outside person instead of their PR agent.

For my first order I decided on a classic white OCBD shirt. You can’t have too many of those, after all. I went for the thick Warzone Plus oxford and a collar with a shape based on long button-down collar of Miler Menswear shirts (you can see one of my previous posts), of which I attached a photo. I wanted the collar to be unfused though.

Now, I wouldn’t have written about the bad website design so extensively, had it not turned out to be an actual problem at one point. I entered the shirt’s measurements – and I had to convert them to inches, as this is the unit the website uses. The number in inches doesn’t instinctively tell me length, like centimetres do. After adding the shirt to the basket, I noticed I was not logged in – and the action of logging in emptied the basket. I had to re-enter the measurements, and after converting, entering, checking if I entered correctly, and then re-entering, I just didn’t feel like checking the numbers again. So I made a mistake, which cost me a shirt – because the one that arrived – very quickly, because only a week and a half later – had sleeves at least two inches too short.

It was, of course, my fault – I should’ve been more careful. But good website and interface design is supposed to help you avoid this kind of mistakes. If the website had an option to change the measurements to centimetres, or retained the products you put into the basket after logging in, I would not have to go through this trouble.

I e-mailed Luxire and asked for the cost of alterations. I also complained a bit about the collar, which had a bit shorter points and less roll than I wished for, but that was not entirely unexpected – after all, they had a photo to work with instead of actual measurements. Due to high shipping cost to India and back, they proposed to remake the shirt for me with new measurements and a collar for half the price. I agreed.

The shirt you see on the photos is the second one. The turnaround time here was basically the same, a week and a half. I love the fabric, which is thick and without shine; after a few washes it’s beginning to soften as well.


The stitching is neat, no loose threads to be seen. I love the tall mother-of-pearl buttons that are Luxire’s default (usually you have to pay extra for MOP). The placket is a bit wide, and the visible stitching a bit further from the edges of the collar, placket or cuffs that I’m used to. I think the stitching closer to the edge looks cleaner and more elegant, but it doesn’t bother me with an OCBD shirt. For a more formal shirt made of finer fabric, I would consider asking for changing this detail though.


Other details that are there by default: the sleeve seam is not aligned with the body seam, for additional mobility. There’s no gusset at the bottom of the side seam, but this area is reinforced. The sleeve is a bit curved as to follow the natural position of the arm. Split yoke is also a standard you don’t have to specify in your order.



I’m happy with how the shirt fits through the body. It’s close, but not tight, enough to be comfortable. Next time I’ll ask for somewhat narrower sleeves – I can see now in the photos that they do have a bit too much room.


I didn’t want darts on the back, and that might have been another mistake of mine. There is a bit too much fabric there, perhaps. Maybe it could be removed by taking a centimetre or so from the waist measurement, or maybe the darts are the way to go after all. There’s something about the clean back of the shirt I like though.


The collar is perfect. It’s completely unfused, I love its three-dimentional rumpled texture. The roll it has over the knot of the tie is fantastic, and it’s cut in such a way that despite full 10cm of the collar points length, it looks good without a tie as well.


I’m really happy with the result. The product is great quality, the price affordable, the turnaround time short, the customer service – outstanding. My only complaint is with the website, and this is, you must agree, a rather minor point overall. Based on this experience I’ll be recommending Luxire wholeheartedly – and I’m certain I’ll be ordering from them in the future. I already have some fabrics bookmarked!

Warzone Plus Oxford shirt from – $69.99 plus shipping and VAT – check the shipping rates here

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