There’s plenty of different types of shirt collars. How to choose the right one? Hope those infpgraphics help.

On All Tied Up I try to avoid longish guides you can find on many other blogs. They’re there, they’re good, no need to repeat what they’ve already said. I do like to sum up a topic in a convenient form of an infographic though. Even if you don’t learn anything new from it, it is a handy resource to forward to someone who may not be as much of a menswear enthusiast as you are, but needs some basic info without going into too much detail.

This is the first batch of infographics on shirt collar types. There’s going to be more in the future, detailing some of the more obscure styles. I decided to start with the very basics. The names of the collar types differ between makers, and I use the ones I’m the most used to. There’s also a difference between spread and cutaway collar – but I find them to be similar enough in terms of use to just talk about them together.

Illustrations by one and only Jon Leigh.