It’s been rather rainy, windy, dark and dreadful lately. And that makes me happy, because I can get my favourite coat out of the closet.


I have this vintage military greatcoat I bought several years ago and paid ridiculously small amount of money for. It spent a year at the bottom of a box in my closet because the fit was horrible – with wide sleeves and waist, it was designed to be worn over a uniform. So I took it to the tailor to have it heavily altered and now it’s with me through the worst weather. It’s incredibly warm and sturdy, so it’ll probably survive most other clothes I have.


Since it’s big and long, and has this costume-y feel to it. That would bother me in most cases, but for some reason, not here. I think I just love this garment too damn much.


Its heavily supressed waist and length make it look good with tailored clothing – worn over a flannel suit, it is perfect. But because it is an actual military coat, and military stuff is usually supposed to be useful, I don’t feel it is out of place with casual clothes. Just look how the big collar and lapels surround the chunky roll-neck.


So the rest of the outfit is appropriately casual. There are my favourite Levi’s 501 CT, with higher waist and tapered leg. There are the gloves: the design looks similar to driving gloves, but they have the knitted wool and cashmere lining. The rough texture of the nubuck leather makes them even more interesting (if difficult to keep in pristine condition).

I was also looking for a sturdy umbrella – this one works quite nicely.


And the boots. They’re not original military surplus stuff, but inspired by military jump boots, so they work beautifully with the coat.



Greatcoat – vintage // jeans – Levi’s 501 CT // roll-neck – made to order by Anna Stasiak // boots – Carlos Santos via // gloves and umbrella –

Photos: Zuzanna Szelest