Not rainy enough that a trusty pair of boots wouldn’t help, though.



There are a few things I like about this outfit. And a few I would like to improve. The one most problematic part is the jacket – it’s too short, made of less-than-ideal fabric, and I wouldn’t mind having it replaced with a nicer light gray flannel. But it’s been with me for a while and is comfortable – plus, the colour makes it incredibly easy to pair with almost any kind of dark trousers.

I also need a new cardigan. See, I have several H&M Premium knits, made mostly of merino wool. And they’re nice, they’ve been doing their job. But all of the sudden, after around two or three years of wearing them, I’ve found holes in them. All of them, at the same time. Seriously, that’s a bit annoying.


But I don’t want to complain too much, so let’s get to the things I like. I’m a fan of those x Blue Loafers wool challis ties. They’re magnificent – soft, and due to the interlining they used and the lack of lining, very light. The colours are gorgeous, and patterns classic and timeless.

And the tie works well with the long button-down collar of the shirt. I’ve had my reservations about it, so I waited with buying it until I had a chance to try it on. I wanted to see how stiff the collar was (fortunately not very), and how it fit my face (quite well, I think). And now I’m happy with my newly acquired shirt with a beautiful collar roll.


The trousers are interesting. Made of not particularly thick denim, cut like more formal trousers, with deep pleats and cuffs. I like their colour, and find them quite comfortable.



Coat & jacket – Massimo Dutti // trousers – Benevento // shirt – Miler Menswear // tie – x Blue Loafers // pocket square – // cardigan – H&M // boots –

Photos: Mariusz Jeziorko