Suitsupply is a well-known brand with a great and reasonably priced products. And very uneven advertising.

Suitsupply’s pretty recognizable by now. This Dutch brand sells, you guessed it, suits, but also other tailored garments, with several well-designed models, often in interesting fabrics. Modern, yet faithful to classic spirit – their idea of extravagant may be a large-scale Prince of Wales check on flannel, and not… well, this:


Photo: Rage Age

What I often take issue with, is Suitsupply’s advertising strategy. Take the infamous 2010 Shameless campaign, with some very uncomfortable undertones accompanying photos of men peeking under women’s dresses or… choking them. Or more recent, rather ridiculous, Toy Boy campaign – with little men badly photoshopped onto the bodies of naked giantesses, which the company hilariously insisted was sexist towards men, if anybody. I’m not a fan of this kind of advertising: it’s tacky, tasteless, goes straight to the lowest common denominator. Kind of the opposite of classic tailoring, if you ask me.

Which is a shame, because in this price range, Suitsupply offers fantastic value for money and some great designs, with a good understanding of proportions and details.


So when I saw the new campaign I actually felt relief first. And then came actual admiration: I love those photos. Called Rocket Man and shot by Carli Hermès, the campaign is inspired by the golden age of human space exploration.



Space exploration has been often presented as a symbolic endeavour of overcoming our limitations and striving for greatness. While I know how pompous it sounds when you try to use these ideas to sell clothes, I still find it more agreeable than the primitive promise of looking cool and getting all the chicks the previous campaigns implied.




I’ve always liked photographers playing with geometrical shapes, and giant rocket engines and scientific instruments provide elegant regular patterns as a nice backdrop for the models and clothes. The shots are fantastic, and I would be happy to see more such things from Suitsupply in the future. I hope it is a step in a certain direction, and not a one-time thing.

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