An outfit for those two days a year autumn is really beautiful.



This time the overcoat takes on the role of a jacket. And underneath it is a waistcoat. I like that, because it’s warm enough for a day like this, and when you go in and need to take the coat off, there’s still something other than just a shirt and tie on you. And shirt and tie, with nothing more, is a combo I sincerely hate. A jacket – or a waistcoat like here, adds a frame, makes the whole thing look finished.



The tie needs some attention though – it’s handprinted wool challis from x Blue Loafers collaboration collection. I’m in love with those – soft, unlined, with fantastic patterns and cool colours.


Its soft texture works with other fabrics here – the tweed of the waistcoat, the oxford cotton of the shirt, the flannel of the trousers. Those fabrics are the reason I actually prefer autumn-winter clothes. They look just as soft and warm as they are. The lack of shine typical for more formal materials makes them more approachable, cozy even.

I think, however, I need some more OCBD shirts. The collar on this one is not long enough to look good with a tie – or at least the way I imagine it should look.



The trousers are made of Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 120s flannel, and their light gray shade is exactly what I’ve been looking for for quite some time now. They also fit nicely, with the leg being narrow at the hem, but roomier around the knee and thigh, just how I like it.





Coat – Massimo Dutti // waistcoat – bespoke by Andrzej Kucia // trousers – Benevento // shirt – Miler Menswear // tie – x Blue Loafers // shoes – Yanko

Photos: Robert Purwin (Mr. Faceless)