Of course we had to take pictures.

I had a chance to meet Mikołaj, the author of the Blue Loafers blog, face to face before. And since then we’ve been talking a lot, finding some similarities in our approach to both clothes and blogging. We’ve even started a podcast, together with Łukasz, a.k.a. Outdersen (the podcast is in Polish only, and currently on a hiatus we’re working tirelessly to end).


So when Mikołaj told me he’d be visiting Kraków on an October weekend, we decided to meet. Additionally, we thought taking some pictures wouldn’t be a bad idea, so here they are.



I decided to go with my burgundy flannel Suit Supply suit. No shirt and tie though, but instead a thin brown roll-neck. To make the whole thing even less official, I decided to forgo the pocket square. I must say I like this look. Mikołaj says for him the jacket feels naked without the pocket square, and I agree, in a way – I’ve gotten so used to wearing it, an empty breast pocket looks strange. However, I like how lack of this accessory makes for an uninterrupted line of the jacket on the chest, and that can also work.


It was also a maiden voyage for my new Carlos Santos double monks. The light brown colour is really nice, and I like how they fit. The last is – obviously – not as close to my foot as the bespoke pair of wholecuts I ordered a while back, but it’s close second among the shoes I own.

The first impressions are positive, even if I still need to walk in those shoes a bit to make them as comfortable as I’d like them. I’ll be able to say more about them after using them for a bit longer.


Mikołaj here wears a beautiful pair of suede quarter-brogues from Carmina.


It was also the first time he had a chance to wear his new Zaremba bespoke jacket from Ariston wool and cashmere flannel. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, but I don’t want to be stealing his spotlight. For the details of this beautiful piece you can visit his Instagram.


On me:
Suit – Suit Supply // roll-neck – Benetton // shoes – Carlos Santos from Klasycznebuty.pl

On Mikołaj:
Jacket – Zaremba Bespoke // trousers and shirt – Luxire // shoes – Carmina // tie – Shibumi

Photos: Sara Strojny