As promised, some photos of the waistcoat I made – on me.

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of a waistcoat I made from brown houndstooth linen cloth. Now’s the time to show it in action. Well, maybe not exactly action, but on me when I stand around and walk down some stairs. Close enough.



The big lapels on this waistcoat make me more prone to wear it under a jacket. This way they’re not so prominent, and I think it looks good.


The whole outfit is a bit of a late summer thing: the trousers are white and made of light cotton, the shirt and jacket are linen, there’s no socks with the light brown penny loafers.

I really like this jacket, for all its faults (like rather narrow lapels and high buttoning point). It’s unstructured, with soft shoulders and in versatile navy – works well with gray tropic wool trousers and with jeans and trainers. I’ve had it for a few years now, and it’s started showing some ugly discolouration – but I dyed it to renew the colour. So I hope it will last some more as my go-to summer casual jacket.

Let’s get to the waistcoat – and for that, I need to take that jacket off.



Now, those lapels are 10cm wide. On a jacket, that would be a really good width. On a waistcoat… not so much.

There are a few reasons for that. One, the waistcoats buttoning point is much higher – so the lapels are shorter, and this wide they look disproportionate. Another is the fact that there’s no sleeve, and so – less fabric on the front; the same width of a lapel takes up a larger part of an overall width of the garment than it would in a jacket.

This makes the proportions seem off, caricatural almost. It can be fixed, I believe – I just need to trim the lapels. Two or three centimeters narrower should look much better. But if I did that before posting those pictures, I wouldn’t have anything to talk about, now would I?






Jacket and shirt – Massimo Dutti // Trousers – H&M // Loafers – // Waistcoat – homemade

Photos: Robert Purwin (Mr. Faceless)